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by: Rick Ringbakk
Co-founder and Executive Producer.
April 11, 2023

FPV Drones: More Than Just Speed

In this article, we'll explore the many ways that FPV drones can be used for cinematography, beyond pure speed.

FPV aerial cinematography has become one of the hottest new trends and is seen in everything from unscripted television to the biggest blockbuster action films. FPV - First Person View - provides a unique perspective that gives viewers the sense that they are flying through the action. When most people think about FPV shots they usually imagine high-speed flights and thrilling aerial maneuvers.

But there's more to FPV than just speed and adrenaline. In fact, FPV drones are a versatile tool that can be used to capture smooth cinematic footage and get up close to subjects in tight spaces.

While many FPV drones are certainly extremely fast, there is a whole category of FPV drones that are specifically designed to go slow and to fly smoothly. Typically known as ‘Cinewhoops’, these drones range in size from tiny quads that fit in your palm and typically fly Go Pros, up to the large ‘CineLifters’ capable of flying larger cameras such as the Red Comodo or Black Magic 6k. Because they have guarded propellers, these drones are much safer to fly around crew and talent on set, and are also more capable of getting into tight spaces.

Utilizing this unique ability to place the camera into tight spaces, we often use Cinewhoops to create unique shots that would have been impossible otherwise.

For example, you can create a seamless shot that starts as an aerial master of a neighborhood, then flies down and follows a subject as they enter their house and carries them all the way into a scene in the kitchen. Maybe you want the camera to fly in from a distance and land in your host’s hand while they deliver a line to the camera. How about a shot that starts on the ground with a vehicle driving right over it, then rises up to follow the vehicle. Give a surprising reveal to a car by flying right through it. Show the beauty of a rainforest using a slow push through the branches and leaves. The variety of shots that can be created is virtually endless.

FPV drones are a powerful tool for filmmakers, directors, and producers who want to capture stunning shots and get up close to their subjects. While they are often associated with speed and excitement, FPV drones can also be used to capture smooth, cinematic footage and fit into tight spaces. At Furious Pugs Aerials, we carry a wide range of FPV drones for every situation, including High Speed FPV drones and Microdrones that are perfect for getting up close to your subject. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you capture the shots you didn’t think you could get.

Check out these examples of smooth, cinematic FPV shooting:

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